Is it a requirement to use the template for our submission?

Yes. We require the use of the template for presentation to the judges and to use on our website to showcase your submission. We also need the files embedded within the PowerPoint deck to showcase on the website to be sent separately. If one or the other is not present, the submission is considered incomplete. No exceptions. Additionally, the PowerPoint file should be less than 50MB in file size. We advise that you size your images at no less than 400px W (length can be variable to image) at 72dpi resolution.

We ask that you do not include video files in your PowerPoint submission. (Embedding video files will result in a PowerPoint file that exceeds the 50MB size limit and prevent upload to the Aspect Awards website.)

We suggest that you include links to your Vimeo or YouTube video(s) for the judges to view.

Download blank submission template (PPT)*

*Please note that you need to have pop-ups enabled to download the blank submission template (PPT) – please refer to your Chrome settings to enable pop-ups. If you are still having trouble, please use another browser or email us at and we will send you the template via email.