Key points:​
- 79 page rebranding toolkit created for branch staff ​
- Outlined each step in the rebranding process​ included key messaging, checklists, engagement suggestions, etc.​
- Delivered to branches with “starter kit” of new materials ​
- Encouraged staff participation and rebranding excitement ​

Key points:​
- Created to promote services and attract/retain staff​
- Includes new service names and descriptions for enhanced user experience ​
- Suite includes: sell sheets, brochures, PPT decks, ads, banners, posters, planners, stationery products and trade show materials​
- Modernization and expansion of resources available to sales and talent acquisition teams​

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  • Provider / Operator / Company:
    All Ways Caring HomeCare ​
  • Title of Campaign:
    All Ways Caring HomeCare Rebrand​
  • Entry Type:
  • Date of Campaign:
    December 30, 2019
  • Agency or Firm:
    BrightSpring Marketing Department (parent company internal agency)​
  • Image Credit(s):
    Getty Images​