Key points:​
-Real residents and testimonials featured in every ad​
-Family or resident letter​

Digital components to compliment the print ad campaign. Focus on positive social engage during the pandemic for general brand awareness and to drive website traffic. ​

Key points:​
-Multiple Geo-targeted campaigns including a large campaign for all locations that reached an .11% click rate, driving 2,900 traffic to website​
-Individualized local placement on popular news sites for select communities​
-Rotation of design for a/b comparison ​
-Varied sizes from desktop paramount to mobile​

Key points:​
-Weekly Targeted Email to local news source subscribers for two locations​
-New content weekly with additional special article features​
-Real testimonials from families and residents Coordinates weekly with print/digital

Key points:​
-Branded Content Article with nationally recognized news source with a .19% Click Rate and 2,395 views​
-Social Media Engagement Campaign with 1.32% Click Rate​
-Generated positive news and information on how our luxury brand is handling the pandemic with specialized programming in detail with safety measures​

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  • Provider / Operator / Company:
    Brandywine Living​
  • Title of Campaign:
    Social & Safe
  • Entry Type:
    Multimedia campaign and covid-19 messaging
  • Date of Campaign:
    July 1, 2020