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-Safe+Care Promise flyer created for sales team
-COVID-19 Response flyer updated with Safe+Care Promise
-Safe+Care Promise language added to marketing pieces
-Safe+Care Promise Email

Key points:
-Safe+Care Promise flyer created for sales team distribution to referral sources (nursing homes, assisted living facilities, primary care physicians and hospitals)
-COVID-19 Response flyer updated to include elements of the Safe+Care Promise
-Safe+Care Promise language incorporated into other marketing pieces throughout the year, including a Thanksgiving-themed postcard, a 2021 Wall Calendar and a Family Packet of materials for potential patients and loved ones
-Email surrounding Safe+Care Promise sent to 275 referral source contacts from Chief Medical Officer Dr. Andrew Mayo

31,140 Facebook Reach

-Facebook ads placed in 8 markets featuring local contact information
-Print or digital ads placed in 7 local markets
-390,000 Advertising Reach

55,918 Reach

Keep Safe+Care Promise at Work and Home
The St. Croix Hospice Self+Care Promise is our pledge to take important precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including full PPE for all patient visits, telehealth care and daily practices.

Our new Safe+Care Promise highlights how we're keeping our patients, families, staff and partners safe from contagious disease. Learn more at stcroixhospice.com/safecare.

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  • Provider / Operator / Company:
    St. Croix Hospice
  • Title of Campaign:
    St. Croix Hospice Safe+Care Promise
  • Entry Type:
    Multimedia Campaign
  • Date of Campaign:
    July 1, 2020
  • Image Credit(s):
    Katie Holmquist, St. Croix Hospice