Key Points:
We built our print communications around the wise words of The Gatesworth’s residents. These firsthand quotes served to reassure future residents and their families that when they were ready to make a move, The Gatesworth community was ready to embrace them with warmth, safety and security. Print advertising was utilized in targeted local publications.

Key points:​
The personal nature of the campaign was leveraged in direct mail, where we featured words of wisdom—messages from a variety of residents as well as the executive director herself. Photography featured authentic portraits—connecting faces and names with words. Direct mail consisted of 4 mailings to prospects over a 5-week period: postcards, brochure, Words of Wisdom booklet and personalized letter.

Key Points:
Postcards were leveraged to build personal connections with prospective residents. Photography emphasized warm, friendly faces and all elements were approachable and helpful in tone.

Key points:​
By sharing stories, residents were encouraging others (prospective residents among them) to offer up words and wisdom of their own. The Words of Wisdom This Is Your Story booklet was sent to prospects to connect and share their story, using prompts, questions and photography to aid the narrative.

Key points:​
The spirit of The Gatesworth community and residents’ Words of Wisdom were further propagated in the digital space. By leveraging a robust eblast platform and suite of digital display ads, we were able to comfortably and organically appear in prospect’s digital space.

Key points:​
Resident quotes were read live by prominent local radio announcers to catch listeners’ attention, forge a connection, and let the greater community know that The Gatesworth was once again welcoming new residents- safely and securely.

Key points:​
Words of Wisdom quotes from the residents were posted and boosted in The Gatesworth Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn profiles. A Facebook advertising campaign was also utilized targeting both seniors and the adult children/decision-makers in their lives.

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  • Provider / Operator / Company:
    The Gatesworth
  • Title of Campaign:
    Words of Wisdom
  • Entry Type:
    Multimedia campaign
  • Date of Campaign:
    July 1, 2020
  • Agency or Firm:
    Werremeyer Creative
  • Image Credit(s):
    Photos courtesy of The Gatesworth